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3x Portable Vacuums

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2x Portable Vacuums

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100% Satisfaction:We make sure every customer is 100% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 fast support! If you're not satisfied with your product(s), we'll make it right! We promise.
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Kathy D

I recently bought a new car and since our Frenchie is a frequent passenger, I purchased this small vac to help keep the car clean of his hair. I have not been disappointed! This small vac has great suction and does a great job!
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Patrick D. Howell

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Nicole Simpson

Super powerful for a handvac, The whole thing comes apart to pieces to wash and sanitize. The charging station is small and fits in any little corner of the house. The charge may not last too long but it does recharge quite fast. must have if you have little ones running around making a mess.
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Jessica Springfield

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Shelby Jackson

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Mark J. Sperber

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Robert Jones

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Richard Johnson

This is so nice to keep in my car and pull it out and vacuum when I get an extra few minutes when I get home from an errand. A cleaner car just feels better.
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Kenny Mouser

I love the size, the color, the job it dies. It's perfect for my car! I am the only person in MY car. My dog rides to the vet in it and this little vacuum picks up all the hair! I love it! My husband needs one for his truck because I'm not sharing!
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Blair Habuda

We have concrete floors and a dog that sheds... this combo means you can see EVERYTHING when it comes to dust and hair. This has made our lives so much easier! This is great for vacuuming the couch, baseboards, and spills (you don't want the dog to eat).... For the value, this definitely does the job!
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Sophia Navarro

This is exactly what we needed. We have a 6 month old and are doing baby led weaning which means food is everywhere. After every meal I pull this out and vacuum it all up. It sucks up everything, soft food, hard food, mushy food.  Takes 5 seconds to clean up the couch. Easy to empty, suction power is great and gets into the all the cracks and crevices.
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Shellie Frank

I really like this little vacuum. The suction is very strong. I have a rabbit that sheds, of course. Pieces of litter, hay and treat crumbs in my carpet. No worries. Everything vacuums up so easily. The wand extension is very powerful.
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Allen Hile

It picks up what I bought it for (pet food scraps) and much more. Yes the run time is plenty long enough for you to spot clean a room of any size. Easy to dump and clean filter. My kitchen is staying much cleaner since I bought this handy product.
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Tina R. Taylor

The best I've found so far. Works on carpet and vinyl flooring. Picks up hair, noodles, cereals, rice, chips..just about anything. The right tool i need for a quick clean up!
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Jenny Thompson

The best features of this vacuum are the suction power and that it is a cordless vacuum. I use this vacuum primarily in my car and it works very well. The brush and extension attachments also work very well to keep my car clean.